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Who is Des? | Desmond M Koh
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Who’s Des?

3x Olympian. Rhodes Scholar. Entrepreneur. Investor. Investment Banker. Wealth Manager. Mind Explorer. Vegetarian. Advisor. Labels labels labels…..

Desmond is actively exploring the Mind, Consciousness and the Human Potential. He has experienced his most profound life experiences when the internal “mind-body-spirit” trio was delicately balanced and operating in true harmony.

Desmond has personally experienced the transformational benefits from meditation and is dedicated to his practice. He hopes his blog and podcast will provide inspiration to his readers and listeners to develop their own internal practice to transform their minds and to benefit not only themselves, but to benefit others and positively impact the world.
He is alumna of Oxford University (UK) and University of Southern California (USA) and lives primarily in Asia.

The biggest constant in his life is being in water.


Upon request of friends, Desmond was inspired to start “MindBeMe” Podcast as a means to share the benefits of meditation and mind work.



“DailyD” is a series of short concise thoughts dancing around in Des’ mind.  He hopes these posts will stimulate and inspire positive intentions and actions.