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November 2017

Generating Regret

November 10th, 2017|

We are humans.  Humans make mistakes. We may make unintended mistakes due to our ignorance or when we lose "control" or are not "mindful." The next time you are mindful of a mistake, please take some time to analyse the root cause of the mistake.  Generate a deep sense of regret, and commit to yourself to be mindful and aware to not repeat the same again.

Take A Moment At The Start Of Each Day

November 3rd, 2017|

Take a moment at the start of each day to contemplate on how you would like to spend your day.  The seeds of positive intentions that you plant in your consciousness in the morning may ripen to positive outcomes in your life. Here are some questions/points to ponder each morning: How will you allocate time today to your activities? Would you like to have a day filled with intentional and planned activities, or would the day be another day spent reacting to things and situations? How much time have you allocated for meaningful activities? Make a commitment to be present in your activities today, and take some mental notes of the states of mind that you experience through the day positive mental state of mind (happiness, joy, peace…. ) negative mental state of mind (irritation, anger, jealousy… ) times when you catch yourself just ‘mindlessly’ doing and not ‘present’ in the activity Make a commitment to positively impact not only yourself, but to those around you, your family, your friends, and even strangers that you may meet.  Try sharing a smile or two.  It feels good! Even 5-10 minutes of time spent mentally setting your intentions will deliver tremendous rewards.  Visualize a meaningful day ahead of you.  Enjoy.

October 2017

Take A Moment At The End Of Each Day

October 31st, 2017|

Take a moment at the end of each day to reflect on how you spent your day. Did you consciously allocate time to your activities or did you just get on with life as you do? Was the day meaningful? Were you present, and did you make a positive impact to yourself, your family, your friends, or others around you? Make an estimate of the accumulative amount of time that you spent in the following states of mind: positive mental state of mind (happiness, joy, peace.... ) negative mental state of mind (irritation, anger, jealousy... ) times where you were just 'mindlessly' doing, not 'present' and not even aware of your mental states or emotions... you may like to consider including minutes or even hours of the day 'robbed' by social media. Time lost on regrettable activities. Be honest with yourself. Take notes of your end-of-day reflections. What gets measured may be improved.

The Act of Forgiveness

October 30th, 2017|

Forgive (verb): To stop feeling anger... to cease to feel resentment (to an offender) To err is human, to forgive is divine.  A simple statement, so easily said, but so incredibly difficult to act on. But if we take the time to analyse on why we feel resentment over an incident, and who was hurt, (in cases where there is no physical harm) we may slowly recognize that it is the ego or the 'I' that is hurt.  But why is the 'I' feeling resentful and how is the 'I' hurt?  Often times the other person may not even realize that he or she has caused us to feel such negative emotions. The beauty of forgiveness is that it actually doesn't require the person you are forgiving to accept or acknowledge or even be aware of your act of forgiveness.  This act of forgiveness is a mental decision, an inner commitment to release and not to hold on to the weight of these negative emotions within us.  When we clear our mind of the negative emotions, we are able to nourish and fill ourselves with that which is positive. An act of simple and definitely divine.

Handling The Truth

October 29th, 2017|

You can't handle the truth! Not everyone has the courage or maturity to handle the truth (of having made a mistake). The typical response is to be defensive and accuse the other party of his or faults instead. The fact of the matter is that if it is the truth, no amount of arguing or retaliation will change the truth. The truth remains as is. Let us instead accept our mistake and extract as much learning as we may from the lesson.

Ethical Selling, Honest Representation

October 29th, 2017|

When your local village store owner makes the effort to share honest opinions of the product he has on his shelves and which ultimately results in him not getting a sale, he undoubtedly has earned your trust, respect and likely cultivated a true long term customer with his honest representation. You would have the faith to return to his store again when you need something else that he may offer. The reality is that we are often sold products on misrepresentations by unethical sales persons and with involvement of senior management at large multinational companies (examples including VW). Let us not fall into this same category but instead let us be honest in presenting relevant information and facts. Keep in mind that we all are customers ourselves and would appreciate being sold to honestly.

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