Just The Right Amount of Pressure

We grow up honing our ability to apply pressure and tension physically – cracking an egg, ripping open a packet of crisps, hammering a nail, closing the car door and so forth.  We develop a sense of the amount of strength, pressure and tension that we need to apply to the tasks at hand.

The same also applies to effectively leverage the potential of our minds.  We may hone these mental skills through meditation.  For example, during single pointed meditation such as meditation on the breath, we focus and place our mind onto the object of meditation. However, the state of our mind cannot be too lax or we would be in a general state of dullness, nor should the state of the mind be too tense, with too much pressure applied resulting in the grasping at the object of meditation.

During mediation, we experience the dancing of 2 ‘minds’

  1. the mind that focuses on the object of meditation, and
  2. the mind that is aware of what the mind is focusing on

The ability to apply the necessary amount of ‘pressure’ on our object of meditation, and to apply a gentle amount of ‘force’ to guide our minds back to the object of meditation requires practice.

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