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Morning Magic | Desmond M Koh

Morning Magic

I love mornings and continue to work on my daily morning ritual, which includes both physical and mental activities. I like to set aside 30-45mins for my morning ritual in the early morning before anyone else in the family is up.
A truly magial cmorning ritual would be as follows
– Tidy bed
– Brush teeth
– Drink 2 glasses of water (preferably with lime)
– Make coffee – I am currently experimenting adding Bulletproof Brain Octane and a bit of butter (preferably blended)
– Take cold shower – while the coffee is being prepared
– Eye Exercises
– Meditation (this is perhaps the anchor of my morning ritual and and it includes my setting the intentions for the day)
– Write morning pages – jotting down thoughts and notes. If I notice that my mind is particularly busy on the particular morning, I will do my morning pages prior to starting the meditation session.
For me, it is very clear. When I truly perform my ritual, the magic takes place and the day seems to be so much more enjoyable…. the state for the day tends to be “intentional” and “proactive” versus “reactive” and “mindless doing”
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