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Take A Moment At The End Of Each Day | Desmond M Koh

Take A Moment At The End Of Each Day

Take a moment at the end of each day to reflect on how you spent your day.

  • Did you consciously allocate time to your activities or did you just get on with life as you do?
  • Was the day meaningful?
  • Were you present, and did you make a positive impact to yourself, your family, your friends, or others around you?
  • Make an estimate of the accumulative amount of time that you spent in the following states of mind:
    • positive mental state of mind (happiness, joy, peace…. )
    • negative mental state of mind (irritation, anger, jealousy… )
    • times where you were just ‘mindlessly’ doing, not ‘present’ and not even aware of your mental states or emotions… you may like to consider including minutes or even hours of the day ‘robbed’ by social media. Time lost on regrettable activities. Be honest with yourself.

Take notes of your end-of-day reflections. What gets measured may be improved.

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