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The Act of Forgiveness | Desmond M Koh

The Act of Forgiveness

Forgive (verb): To stop feeling anger… to cease to feel resentment (to an offender)

To err is human, to forgive is divine.  A simple statement, so easily said, but so incredibly difficult to act on.

But if we take the time to analyse on why we feel resentment over an incident, and who was hurt, (in cases where there is no physical harm) we may slowly recognize that it is the ego or the ‘I’ that is hurt.  But why is the ‘I’ feeling resentful and how is the ‘I’ hurt?  Often times the other person may not even realize that he or she has caused us to feel such negative emotions.

The beauty of forgiveness is that it actually doesn’t require the person you are forgiving to accept or acknowledge or even be aware of your act of forgiveness.  This act of forgiveness is a mental decision, an inner commitment to release and not to hold on to the weight of these negative emotions within us.  When we clear our mind of the negative emotions, we are able to nourish and fill ourselves with that which is positive.

An act of simple and definitely divine.

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